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Regina ✞ Supercars

Cars for Single Moms
Only certified motors
7 days free trial
Free delivery
Free test drives

Often, low-income single moms can manage their day-to-day expenses and provide for their family's regular needs. But the initial cost of a reliable vehicle can be beyond their reach.


A vehicle that meets their transportation needs can make a significant, transforming difference to that family. This mobility often allows a mom to pursue better employment opportunities.


Regina Supercars Charity Inc. was established in 2017 by Andrew Martens to meet this need. To date, we have awarded several cars, as our Photo Album page attests! 


Will you help us lift families out of poverty by making a donation today? Thank you!

NOTE: We regret we do not accept requests for cars directly from the public. We work with community-based organizations (CBOs) and churches who advise us on whom to award cars.

Regina Supercars Charity Inc.

is a faith-based organization whose goal is to contribute to the security and stability of low-income single mothers and their families by providing them with a free vehicle that meets their basic transportation needs.

Registered Charity # 789633476 RR0001

Don’t forget to do good and to share with those in need. These are the sacrifices that please God. (Hebrews 13:16)


     Is your Check Engine Light on?

For a contribution of $25, we will read your error codes and tell you what's wrong with your car. Just contact us! Free for single moms.

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